"As an active police officer in Jersey City, I feel obligated to equip myself with a self defense skill set that can best help me protect the residents of Jersey City as well as ensure that my partner and I get home safely everyday." 

                                                                                                                  - Jesse - JCPD - TRA purple Belt

First BJJ class at Thiago Rela Academy c


"We're definitely the Island of misfit toys and a bunch of goofballs. It's definitely a highlight of my day to come in, forget what happened during the day and laugh alongside my teammates." 

— Allie, TRA Brown Belt

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"We decided to put Danny into BJJ because we felt that this would help with discipline, relationships and over all well being. To date we feel we have made the right decision... he has shown enthusiasm and is eager to show off his moves! More importantly he truly is understanding respect and discipline."

                                                                      - Paula (Mom to Danny - TRA Kids Orange Belt)