Thiago Rela

18 Years of Experience

Thiago Rela is a professional MMA Fighter out of Team Renzo Gracie, and a Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Leo Vieira (Team CheckMat)


Born in Itatiba, Brazil, Thiago Rela started to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at TT Academy at 14 years of age. He received his black belt from Juliano Belgine and Leo Vieira of Team Checkmat at 23 years old. Renzo Gracie awarded Thiago his first degree on his black belt in 2017. 

A two time state BJJ champion in Brazil as well as a national gi and no gi BJJ champion. He was a member of the BJJ national championship team, and has won multiple gold medals in local BJJ and submission grappling tournaments.


Martial Arts

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Muay Thai

Women's BJJ

Kids Jiu Jitsu


No Gi

As a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter currently representing Team Renzo Gracie, Thiago has won the middleweight title of the Circuito Talent MMA—the largest MMA organization in Brazil. He has appeared on UFC's Ultimate Fighter and for organizations such as Xtreme Fighting Championships, Final Fight Championship, Cage Fury Fighting Championships, and most recently Bellator Fighting Championship.  
MMA Premium/Ranking Nacional, the most important rating for MMA fighters in Brazil, has ranked Thiago twice as a top 5 middleweight and as a top 10 middleweight for five of the past ten years. He is ranked the #3 pro middleweight and #5 pro welterweight fighter in New Jersey by Tapology.

"The instructors are truly passionate about spreading Jiujitsu to each and every student on and off the mat. They're always available for questions, comments, and concerns."

- Ben - TRA Blue Belt